Friday, July 13, 2012

Snapshots from Life

Sometimes I wish I had a camera, or a video camera and certain points in my life, just so I could have a snapshot of the memorable yet mundane things that happen. But all I can do is remember them in words, so here are some of those words.


G and M are in the bath. I call out "Paul!" so he can help me with the getting-them-out drying-them-off ritual. G thinks it's hilarious when we call each other by our first names. "Paul!" she yells. "Paul!" Giggle, giggle.
Then. "Paul! Can you take out the garbage?" she kinda whispers the last part. Like it's his last name.
 Paul S. CanYouTakeOutTheGarbage.


G has new shorts (a gift from her aunt). They're bicycle-type shorts, made of lycra. I offer them to her to wear.
She looks at them "Is this a bathing suit?"
"No," I reply "they are just shorts."
"Are you sure they are not a bathing suit?"
"But they are all slippery."
"G, some shorts are made of slippery material, that doesn't mean they are a bathing suit."
"O...kay..." She still looks skeptical, but wears them anyway.


We are out at Cape Spear, just the four of us. We brought a picnic supper, so we can stay later then we usually would. There are whales. There are so many humpback whales. They flip, they show their tails, they spray. It's amazing, and we all sit on one side of a picnic table to eat, so none of us has to have their back to the ocean.


 G has found an old 70's Fisher Price toy camera at the church in Saskatoon. She plays with it for awhile, clicking the button and trying to look through the tiny hole at the viewfinder-style pictures. She clicks it for awhile, looks at it and hands it to me.
"How do I make it do video?"


  1. I have long wanted a camera in my head.

    Lucy thinks it's hilarious to yell "SAAAAAM! SUPPER TIME!" Kids are funny.

  2. This is my favourite so far. I love the 4 of you sitting on one side of the picnic table, it is a beautiful picture.

    Camera's are great and pictures are nice but living the memories is, to coin an overused commercial phrase, priceless.