Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mistakes Made By Tired Parents

Our friend Sam just finished his PhD. He's a few years ahead of Paul and he defended his thesis this Monday and was officially made a Doctor.
I'm tell you this, so that you understand why we were celebrating on a Tuesday. Tuesday evening we had a sitter and spent the time with our friends toasting and celebrating the new Doctor among us. Since we are on a similar journey, it's easy to understand the excitement and need to party when the journey is finally over.
So, we celebrated. Neither of us had to drive home, so we felt free to enjoy some drinks. The next morning, of course, our kids had no sympathy. They were up at their usual time - M even earlier then usual.

At first, M was fairly happy to play on her own while we lay in bed, pulling all the kids books off the shelf and scattering toys. However, she soon wanted breakfast - and was able to provide herself with it by pushing a chair to the shelf and retrieving some graham crackers. In my half asleep state, it took a good ten minutes to understand what the crumpling and "mmm-ing" was about.
So, I gave her a real breakfast of cereal and yogurt. By this time, G was up too, so the two of them sat and ate breakfast together while Paul and I got a bit more rest. Both of them are able to get out of their booster seats, so when I heard G playing, I assumed M was done as well.

Awhile later, I came out to find this:
Mom, we're out of yogurt.
M had found the 1/4 full yogurt container on the table, opened it, eaten most of it (with her hands) and spread the rest over her face and arms, her pajamas, her chair, the chair her chair is strapped to, the table, the floor and a board book copy of "The Wheels on the Bus" (which may or may not have to get thrown out).

G, who often comes to me saying "M is doing something bad!" when M is doing something as small as holding a pen, was completely ignorant of the reign of yogurt-destruction that was happening 4 feet away from her. 

Parents, don't sleep while your child is awake. This is a stupid, stupid thing to do.

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  1. Awesome! I believe we gave you that book, actually. It's good to know it has met such an epic demise!