Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adventures in Saskatchewan

So, I've been living away from Saskatchewan for 12 years now. I have never been a sports person, but I will always cheer for the Riders. You can take the girl out of Saskatchewan, but you can't make her cheer for any other team.

However, upon my return in recent years, there has been a bit of a trend in Riders fans, a trend that was definitely not around when I was a kid. The stuff.  It used to be t-shirts and hats, maybe the odd toque or scarf. Now, there is a Riders logo on everything. I walked into the Co-op grocery store near my parents house and laughed to myself and snapped cell-phone pics of all the Riders merch.

Wall of Merch.

Riders Baby Bottles.

Riders Kleenex. 
Riders All Dressed Chips.
And finally, Riders fishing lures. Because fish who are Bomber fans are poison.

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