Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Weather, it is not good.

So, it's Hurricane season. Hurricane Igor has hit the Avalon Peninsula and while it seems like St. John's is not getting the brunt of it, we're certainly in the middle of a rainy windy Atlantic Storm. Out my window, the trees are  blowing and the rain is going sideways.  I spent most of the day inside yesterday and I was hoping to go to the drop-in gym this morning with G - as we do every Tuesday, but it was cancelled due to the crappy weather. I'm definitely not used to rain being a reason to cancel things. Snowstorms are the only reason anything ever gets called off in the prairies (and even then!).
So Paul decided to stay home and work today, since he doesn't have class. He's holed himself up in the bedroom working on school stuff. I have been coming up with my best toddler rainy day tricks. So far, I made playdough (which didn't turn out all that well without the cream of tartar or food colouring), we had a picnic on the floor for lunch, we played a "throw the sock ball in the bin" game and then G decided of her own accord to play dress-up.
She looks hilariously unhappy in this picture, but she was quite excited to be wearing layers and layers of clothes. She's wearing a t-shirt and overalls with another shirt over top, a dress that won't do up because of all the layers and two different coloured BabyLegs legwarmers on her arms.

That's a little more happy!

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