Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's the little things

When we actually get to know some Newfoundlanders, I will have a couple questions. One of the big ones is: What is the deal with the fitted sheets and/or nets over your garbage? Is it so the wind won't blow it away? I noticed when I was walking down the street not long after getting here that a couple of houses had a fitted bed sheet sitting on the lawn. I thought "Odd, but maybe just one escaped from the clothes line." Then a couple days later I noticed that practically every house on a block had one. Wait, what? Paul had noticed as well, but unlike me, had seen that people were putting them over their garbage, as well as sometimes people had a special green net (looks like a volleyball net) over their garbage.
What's the deal? Anyone else heard of this?

Another thing: there are buckets of navel beef in every grocery store. I have since found out that it's salted beef, based on what sailors ate. My question is: Do people buy this? It seems to be everywhere, so they must buy it. What do they do with it?  Should I buy some just to try?

Other little things that are different: there are lots of kinds of Crush pop here! Lime, Pineapple, Birch Beer... it's kinda cool. Lay's Fries and Gravy chips are also around and Paul seems to think that they offer gravy in more places (I don't agree). There has been nothing I can't find yet, but I'm sure that'll happen soon.


  1. I would guess that the sheets/nets are so the seagulls don't get the garbage. Sheets wouldn't be strong enough to keep raccoons out, generally people use bungee cords for those.

  2. The sheets/nets are indeed to keep out seagulls, it's mandatory in the summer months! Sheets are just a cheaper alternative to the $20 nets. :)

    Salt beef is used in jigg's/cooked dinner, which is a Sunday staple in a lot of homes. You cook it with your pease pudding and vegetables (potatoes, turnip, cabbage and carrots) and it makes everything salty and tasty. Extremely bad for you of course, it's just chunks of salted meat!