Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Funny things

Staying home with G means I'm privy to all of her funny sayings much more then I used to be. It's definitely a perk of staying at home.
Some recent examples:
G is obsessed with nudity. She refers to the state of being naked as "all noonies" (nudies). Lately, she's noticed that other random objects can be "all noonies" as well. When I took the paper off of her muffin the other day she said: "No more muffin pants! Muffin is all noonies!" She has also referred to a coffee cup without a lid as "noonies" as well. 

She has also really noticed that we pray before meals, and she has started to be able to say the grace as well. Her typical prayer is "Thank you God for tatoes (potatos), ham, water, that one and that one and plate and blue plate and... mommy and daddy and... AMEN." (I should note that all meat is called ham and anything that remotely resembles a potato is a potato). It's very cute that she prays, also that she rambles. 

One liners:
"Mama crazy!" - after I muttered to myself that cleaning the sticky stuff off a desk was driving me crazy.
"Not daddy, not daddy, not daddy, birdie, not daddy, doggie..." -naming all the things she sees out the window while waiting for daddy to come home.
"Come out! You can play with Puppy!" -to the baby in mommy''s tummy

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  1. That's so cute. Are you writing some of her funny stuff down? We try to do that with Sam, but there's so much we forget before actually recording it. Here was our conversation the other day:
    Sam: I hardly ever get to go places.
    Rin: Like where?
    Sam: Canada...(pause) We NEVER go to Antarctica!