Saturday, September 4, 2010

St. John's Paul and Winnipeg Paul

Moving to St. John's is a pretty extreme change, and I'm hoping to use it as a motivation to change some things about myself -- a new context to establish new habits.

Winnipeg Paul bought pop and a snack from the convenience store at least once a week, maybe more.
St. John's Paul doesn't drink pop at all, and when he wants a snack, he chooses fruit.
Winnipeg Paul stayed up late every night and slept in every morning.
St. John's Paul is in bed by 11 every night and up by 7:30 every morning.
Winnipeg Paul watched tv when he was bored.
St. John's Paul doesn't even have a tv.  He bakes something or tidies the apartment when he finds himself needing something to do.

St. John's Paul goes for a run once a week, and he's slowly gearing up to more.  He makes the bed every morning and he doesn't go to bed if the dishes are still dirty.  St. John's Paul will always be on top of his readings, and will plan ahead so that when final papers are due he's not in a crisis.  He'll bring lunch to school instead of buying it.  St. John's Paul does evening devotionals with St. John's Jan every evening, and he won't let that peter out the way Winnipeg Paul would.

Maybe it's naive to think that moving to a new city can really make me a better person.  But that kind of negative thinking is exactly what Winnipeg Paul would say.

Also, St. John's Paul looks like this: 


  1. I love your positive thinking St. John's Paul! Maybe I need to move to a new city to change some of my bad habits too!

    Hmmmm.... Prince Albert, Byron Bay, or St. John's, which one should we try?

  2. With all the changes already happening it seems like a great time to establish new habits in a new space! Hope St. John's Ginny and Jan enjoy too!

  3. Good luck, St. John's Paul! Maybe I'll borrow some of your ideas for Kingston Elliot.