Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The show G has been watching lately is called Batman: The Brave and the Bold. I highly recommend it to anyone whose kid is into superheroes, it is aimed at a relatively young audience but has moments of adult hilarity (especially anything Aquaman says).
Yesterday, she was watching an episode that was primarily singing - it involves a villain who forces everyone to sing - and she absolutely loved it, but that is all beside the point.
The point is that she proved herself to be exactly mine and Paul's daughter. The final song in the show is sung by a character called Black Canary.

Her reaction to the music and the situation was purely beautiful. She had been sitting normally throughout the show, then when the song turned from a sad lament into a love song (Green Arrow is in love with Black Canary), she flipped out, both figuratively and literally.

 She maneuvered from sitting into flipped upside-down, kicking her feet in the air and giggling like mad. She was excited by the crescendo in the music and by the love story unfolding.
In this moment, she was purely my daughter. This is exactly the reaction I have when romantic things happen. I get excited and sometimes I can't help but show it physically.
 And in this moment she was purely Paul's daughter, reacting to an emotional musical piece with such passion.
Our daughter, through and through, a born romantic.

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  1. I do the same thing at the exciting-happy bits. Yet another reason I hate movie theatres - no wiggling room. :)