Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How I made my Halloween Costumes Part 2

Continuing the tutorials on how I made our Halloween costumes is...

G as Batgirl!


-Black shirt (on hand)
-Black leggings (Thrift Store) $1
-Yellow felt (same as for Supergirl)
-2' Yellow craft foam sheet (Dollar Store) $2
-Black toque (Thrift Store) $1
-Black felt (Dollar Store) $1
-Black face paint (Dollar Store) $1
-Yellow rubber boots (on hand)

For G's Batgirl costume, I took a black shirt she already owned and sewed them together with a pair of black leggings. It was just much easier to have them all as one piece then have the shirt always riding up.
 I cut a bat-symbol out of yellow foam and hot-glued it to the shirt.
The belt was just a loop of felt, with another (more squarish) bat-symbol sewn on top.

The cape is a big sheet of yellow felt (no sewing!) cut in the bat wing shape along the bottom. I hot-glued some felt as a string.

The cowl is a black toque with two ear shapes sewn on.

 I fancied the idea of making a mask out of felt that could come up and down, but G hates masks, so we just went with face paint.

Her rubber boots just happen to be yellow, so that worked out very well - however, had I not had those, I would have used this pattern to make duct tape boots.

Tomorrow: Wonder Woman!


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