Monday, October 29, 2012

How I made my Halloween Costumes Part 1

I made 4 Halloween Costumes this year and had so much fun doing it! I got my supplies mostly from the dollar store and the thrift store (Dollarama and Value Village to be exact), with a couple things from Walmart as well. The total amount I spent was less then $60, which is much, much less then it would have been if I'd bought the store-bought version of these outfits.

We were all Superheroes, Paul was Batman, I was Supergirl, G was Batgirl and M was Wonder Woman.

I thought I'd do a little run-down of each costume and how I made them. I'm going to divide this into four different blog posts so it doesn't get too long. I'll be posting them between now and Halloween.

First, Me as Supergirl.


-Blue Shirt (Thrift Store) $5
-Blue leggings (Dollar Store) $2
-Red Flannel Sheet (Thrift Store) $3
-Yellow tube top (Dollar Store) $1
-Yellow felt (Walmart) - $4
-Red Tube Socks (Dollar Store) 2/$1
-Red Duct Tape (Dollar Store) $3
-Superman cape (on hand from kids costume trunk)

My original plan was to just wear Paul's shirt, but the fit wasn't right or buy a Superman shirt, but I couldn't find one in the right size online. However, I found a perfect colour of shirt at the thrift store, so I just bought that and made my own Supergirl-S.
The S:

 The yellow is yellow felt, and the red is duct tape. I made a sheet of duct tape back-to-back so it wasn't sticky, then traced an S on it and cut it out with an exacto-knife. The two pieces are hot-glued together, then hand-sewn to the shirt.

 The Skirt:

The red sheet was quite an awesome find, it made the whole thing easier. I  just cut a circle skirt out of the sheet and sewed it onto a stretchy yellow tube top I found at the dollar store.

I can't imagine anyone actually wearing this as a tube top, but it works really well as a belt on me! Since the sheet was flannel, I didn't even have to hem it.

The rest was just accessories. I found some blue leggings (technically, Supergirl doesn't wear leggings, but I'm too modest to wear such a short skirt by itself) red tube socks (pack of two! I used the other pair in the Wonder Woman costume), and a Superman cape that we happened to have in the kids costume trunk (though I would have probably had enough red sheet fabric to make a cape as well.

There you have it! Up next: Batgirl


  1. This is totally a fab costume for halloween/ I've been trying to find some nice and spooky Halloween costumes that I'll try this year's Halloween and thanks for your ideas, I found some inspiration.