Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How bout that weather, b'y?

Since we're still newcomers around here, I'm still getting used to the craziness of St. John's weather. Don't get me wrong - the prairies have their share of unbelievable weather - mostly the so-cold-it-freezes-your-nosehair type. I don't miss it.
I've never experienced weather like this morning. The timeline happened like this:

G was watching a TV show, I told her that as soon as it was over, we'd be going out the door to run some errands. I knew that it was chilly - about 3 degrees and when I looked out the window it was grey but not raining.
As the show ended, I started getting the girls ready. G wanted to know what shoes to wear, so I glanced up at the window and noticed it had begun to rain.
 I advised rubber boots and by the time she and M had gotten coats and boots in I looked out and saw that the weather had gone from bad to worse. The rain was pouring and there was now snow mixed in with the rain.
My errands weren't that important, and I wasn't looking forward to running to the car with both girls in weather like that. So, I informed G that we'd be staying home.
They took off their coats and M ran to her favourite spot- a chair that looks out the window. A window that now showed a beautiful sunny day.
I've experienced lots of things, but never all four seasons in less then 10 minutes.


  1. That sounds like Colorado. The saying goes: "Don't like the weather? Wait 5 min."

  2. Dawson Creek also changes lightning fast - in your case, the ocean makes it wacky, and in DC, it's the mountains. It's crazy and kinda awesome. We had 70 degree changes in 12 hours.