Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And now a story by a 3-and-a-half year old

So, this is the third in a series of posts, the first was when G was two years old , the second was seven months later, just before she turned 3.

Now, this one at 3.5. I heard the first line, then recorded and transcribed the rest, so a bit is missing from the middle, but I wanted to include the first line, since it was pretty cool.  Here's her story:

 Once upon a time there was a very old library, filled with very old books, but everyone wanted to go to the new library. 


Batman and Robin and Batgirl and the Librarian fought all of Equestria.
And they said
No kings allowed! No Kings allowed!”

And then Superman used his powers to fight everyone! And he said to Batman “You’re bad!”
Batman said “I’m not, I’m a superhero!”
But the super-villian came and said “I’m not!”
So they fought the super-villian.
But Wonder Woman was still stuck in the dungeon! Wonder Woman was still a statue and she was in a big dark cave.
She couldn’t get out! There were dragons who locked her in a big room with SPIKES ALL OVER THE PLACE that was full of poison.
Then the librarian took all the books and put them in a big pile! It was really big! And she laid them on a big nest.
But something was wrong. All the superheros got hit on the ground, but not Batgirl.
Batgirl thought that we need to fight the Dragons and the giants and the dinosaurs and the gorillas and the crazy monkeys and the bad guys and the bad librarian and the... I can’t remember what it is.

And the diamond rock broke!! It was the surger! The surger was a cat and she was so beautiful and she rode on a donkey and she was so beautiful that everyone told great things about her.
And she said, "That’s enough! Stop saying great things about me!"

And then the knight cut the dragon with a BIG SWORD and used the antidote on the poison. 

The End 


  1. Quick! Sell the rights to Hollywood. Can't wait for the movie. 8)

  2. I love that the librarian hangs out with all the superheros:) She is soo your daughter!