Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Story by a Two Year Old

So G, she loves to talk. She talks pretty much all day. So, we told her to tell us a story and I attempted to transcript the chatter.
Keep in mind, she told this while pacing around the living room, and dancing during the dancing part.

"Once upon a time there was a picnic time
and there were two little monkeys jumping on the bed
and there were five little monkeys
they all jumped 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9... two monkeys!

Puppies, they all run outside and play with Piglet and Nila
and then all monkeys and monkeys and monkeys jumping on the bed

...and they sat on the potty next to G.

And they sang this song "Dance around, Dance dance dance Laalalalaaa they all go play, they was sad, then they saw a wombat wombat wombaaaaaaaaat wombat."

So they all run outside, so they lots and lots of ...

They all go right to the birthday and get some money
and then they get the money pig
then they all play with books
lots of books

then he jumps then he was scary

then he dived and...(fat?)
They all was a monkey, there were lots of dinosaur, right on the bed! So they crawl, crawl, to bed. They all crawl to bed.
They hang monkey onto a ROPE! They stand with him on his shoulder then hang him, they pull out his legs, and then pull out his arms, and then Puppy ran out and

and then fell right over!

I'm not scary. Five bucks! Five bucks? A tree? Oh a tree! That's good.
I can be a tree and ball. I give you a blanket and a book.

Alllllll falling down to... they all read a book, and they with Polar Bears and Superman, and they all go right inside a monkey bear and jumped RIGHT ONTO THE COUCH.

And then they pick this book and to bring outside and open this door. Where is that door going to go in?

A little baby? A little baby."

The End.

And now you know what my average day is like.


  1. It makes total sense. My favourite part is the wombat. Love it!

  2. That is AWESOMESAUCE. And would totally get an A in creative writing (amirite, Paul?). And I also love the wombat.

  3. We would absolutely love to listen to this all day but we are away in Thailand and Australia - listening to the soft sound of waves a bit of a contrast wouldn't you say?

  4. It gets kind of dark there in the middle when they're hanging monkey and pulling his arms off.

  5. I love that an Aussie animal made it in there :)