Friday, January 7, 2011

Puppy Jamas

G would very much like the world to know that she LOVES her Puppy Pajamas and wants to wear them every night, regardless of dirtiness. She would even like to wear them for her nap. 

Some one liners from Christmas:
Her new play stove talks, and it said "Don't forget to clean up!", G responded "No! I don't want to clean up!" At least she comes by it honestly.

"No M, don't cry! Don't. Cry." - this is less of a comfort to her sister as a command. 2 year olds are bossy.

"Go away Marley [her Aunt's dog]. Don't eat my face."

In the grocery store, about Kraft Dinner: "Packaroni! Packaroni! Mommy buy packaroni!"... and when we got home... "Packaroni for lunch, Mommy!"


  1. I love the way kids talk. Post more of them!

  2. Damien would very much like the world to know that he LOVES his new Batman pyjamas, and never wants to take them off. Except for the cape - he will take that off when he sleeps.

  3. Jan if you only knew how much we love these posts - they are so YOU! You are the greatest!