Friday, January 21, 2011

The No-Name Experiment

So with my new car, I've been able to shop at Dominion (Newfoundland's version of Superstore/Loblaws/President's Choice), which tends to have cheaper food then other places. And I've decided that I'd perform an experiment.
I tend to buy generic brands of things (again, with the cheapness), but there's generic store brand and then there's No-Name. No-Name brand is... like the lowest of the low when it comes to generic. With it's yellow and black packaging and complete lack of anything to attract you to it, it's the cheapest option out there. Most Canadians are pretty familiar with it.
But does it make a difference? I've definitely found that for some things, it doesn't matter at all, but I'm sure there are others where it makes a difference.
So, this is my experiment. From now on, anytime I buy something new, I'm going to buy No-Name. And I'll rate it: Worth the Savings, Not Worth the Savings and Somewhat Worth the Savings.

I'm thinking this will be an ongoing feature on this blog. I'll let you know some of the products I'm trying out and whether I think it makes any difference.

Today I bought Gingerale:

and Mayonnaise:

I haven't had a chance to try either at this point, but I'll let you know. I'm pretty passionate about my mayo, so I'm skeptical. And Paul gagged when he saw that I bought No-Name Gingerale, so he's pretty passionate about that.


  1. Honestly, I had never heard of Loblaws other than Bob Loblaw on Arrested Developmnet. And I never knew about No Name either. Canada is such a magical and mysterious place...

  2. Yeah, I figured my American readers wouldn't entirely get it!

  3. don't go for the no name salad dressings. They did for daycare, and thousand island and ranch are just not that same.

  4. I've tried no name mushroom soup before. Definitely NOT worth it. No name KD is pretty good, though. --Rachael

  5. This is my plan for cheap mayonnaise next time:

  6. I'm interested to hear your results! The one thing I'm really brand-picky about is my chocolate chips, and No Name doesn't cut it, so don't even bother.

    Our Superstore has some really awesome lemon pepper linguine in the bulk dried pasta section. If you see it there, you should try it out.

  7. No-name is fine for some things, not fine for others. No name canned veggies, for example, are exactly as delicious as canned veggies anywhere. As kids, though, we totally refused their boxed mac and cheese.

    I find, the less processed the product, the more palatable No Name is.

  8. For me, if it's to be used as an ingredient (tomato sauce, beans, etc) no name is fine, but if it is the key to my enjoyment (chocolate chips, as Diedre says, or possibly ginger ale) then I fear them. I am also interested in your findings!

  9. NUTS! I just took a risk and bought no name mushroom soup (for 38 cents a can).... but I was planning on using it only as an ingredient, not as real soup. Hopefully it will still be ok.

    Also bought no name quick oats this week, and they seem to be on par with other brands.