Friday, November 2, 2012

Cheap Toys vs Expensive Toys

We have lots of toys. I feel like it's too much. Most of the time they end up either staying in either the toy trunk (in the living room) or the toy bins (in the bedroom). Or they end up scattered, not played with, all over the apartment.
We have nice toys. Nice wooden blocks, play food and dishes, all of the My Little Ponies (except Applejack for some reason), a million stuffed animals...

Then we have what G actually plays with.

These are G's favourite toys:

Bullseye, Pikachu, Beaver

This is Bullseye (named for the horse on Toy Story), Pikachu and Beaver (his "real" name is DeWott, but G thinks he looks like a beaver). The two Pokemon toys come from McDonalds and Bullseye was a gift, but I'm pretty sure he's a McDonalds toy as well.
For at least the past six months, these have been her favourites.

You know, I don't really have a problem with it. She can choose whatever she wants as her favourite. But there is a little part of me that's frustrated that she loves these stupid McDonalds toys so much.

Oh, and the other much, much bigger problem. You see those toys up there? They are SMALL. They are stupidly small. Because they are so small they get lost ALL the TIME.
And since they are G's favourite, she is not satisfied when they can't be found. No other toy will substitute.

 We lost Beaver for 2 days and it was a tragedy. She was not even soothed by my wonderful stories of how he was off on an exciting adventure, and what great stories he would have to tell her when he got home!
We found him stuffed behind a chair in the living room, under the radiator. How it got there, who knows?

At the end of the night, the girls put their toys away, but these three don't always make it. Paul and I frequently come to bed to to find one of these three in our sheets.

Oh? And her favourite book?
This flyer. For Chuggington toys and DVDs.
Heaven forbid I should throw this priceless literature out. 


  1. Hahah!!! This made me laugh. I know what you mean about the flyers. My boys have been obsessed with many instruction booklets or Hot wheel cars ordering catalogue!
    Joni D.

  2. Ha! Lucy's favourite toy is her push-dog thing on wheels (except it is her broom and she flies on it). Everything else is essentially Rowan's.