Friday, November 9, 2012

Birds of the not-angry variety

Speaking of birds, G has decided to "study" birds recently. The fact that Paul is studying has started to influence her play, and she keeps coming up with new things to study. Recently, it has been firefighters, space and birds.

We like to get books out of the library on whatever subject she's interested in, and watch videos (mostly on, a fantastic site for animal videos), play games and look at pictures online.

The other morning, she decided she wanted to draw pictures of birds and, as she said, quiz me on them.
She drew the following five pictures, while continually saying "Don't look, Mommy! Don't look!"
Emu, Macaroni Penguin, Owl, Bald Eagle, Parrot

Then she proceeded to hide them behind her back one at a time and ask questions like this:

"This bird has a very long neck. Is it a crow, an emu or a seagull?"
 "This bird has very, very colourful feathers. Is it a heron, a ostrich or a parrot?"

I am proud of my score of 4/5. It was a tough quiz.

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