Monday, June 6, 2011

Vegetarian, sort of

So, we've decided to go vegetarian for the foreseeable future. Well, not entirely vegetarian, we'll probably still eat fish and seafood. This isn't a huge leap, since we've been eating many meat-free meals in the past, but it's a leap, nonetheless.

Our reasons are threefold:
- I have issues with how factory farming works. I went to a Farm Exhibition last year and was pretty saddened by how they kept the chickens - and that was what they felt free to SHOW me! I read recently that every dollar we spend on factory-farmed meat is a vote for that meat, so I want to reduce my consumption of something I don't agree with.
-Grocery store meat is expensive and not that great for what you pay for. Grain-fed free range meat actually tastes better. So if we stop eating meat all the time, we'll be able to afford the expensive, more delicious stuff on occasion.
-Eating vegetables=more healthy. We have been trying to live by Michael Pollan's 7-word mantra "Eat Food. Not too Much. Mostly Plants." , and so going vegetarian for awhile will help us make healthy food choices. One of my favourite meats is bacon and I know that's terrible for me, so it's probably good for me not to eat that for awhile.

We're not going to worry about forcing our choices on anyone else, so we'll still eat meat at friends houses if they offer, or possibly if we go out to eat.

There was a small hitch in our plan, however. When we made this choice, we said we'd start when we'd eaten all the meat in our house. Somehow, we had a chicken, bacon, meatballs, a whole ham and sausages in our fridge/freezer. So, we've had some very meaty meals leading up to this.  But now we have purged our fridge, so it's meat-free from here on out.

Our mantra, on our fridge. 


  1. We've been mostly vegetarian for over a year now, and loving it, and mostly not missing meat because there are sooooo many amazing legume/grain recipes that we had otherwise overlooked.
    I just made a great recipe from the cookbook "how it all vegan" that contains zuchinni, rice (I used quinoa), diced tomatoes (I used tomatoe sauce), spices, lentils, and cheese. It sounds blah at first sight, but it's like pizza in a casserole!

    I know you'll have fun discovering great recipes. We sure have. Actually, there is a fantastic lentil shepherd's pie recipe in the How it all vegan cook book too. I'm always happy to find kid happy lentil recipes!
    And we did roast a free range chicken for easter, and it was AMAZING!

    Happy eating, but not too much (still working on that one!!)

  2. I definitely thought about you guys when we made this choice. Feel free to send along any good recipes to our email!
    I'm going to look into that book for sure.

  3. You might be interested in a glance at Andrew Linzey. Not only is he a vegetarian but he is also an Anglican! I cool.