Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Worth It (a return to the No Name Experiment)

I received a complaint (from this guy - known to me as Dad) that I started this No Name thing and haven't kept going. I originally planned to do a once-a-week update, but life got in the way. I have three half-finished posts. So I'm going to try and finish those in the next couple weeks and become disciplined enough to actually post reviews!

So, before this started, there are some things I've already tried in the past and have deemed Not Worth It At All. I'm not going to retry them this time around.

No Name Κraft Dinner* - Nobody makes that neon orange powdered cheese like Kraft. Aside from PC White Chedder Mac and Cheese, none of the generic brands compare. We only have it on occasion (usually I put spinach in it, which G thinks it comes with), but those occasions have to be brand name.

Toilet Paper - No. Just no. It's not worth it in many ways, including the price, because you tend to use more of a thinner brand.

Things I've tried in the past couple weeks that are not very tasty:

Instant Oatmeal - I like hot cereal in the morning, but I hate dirtying a pot, so I buy instant sometimes. Ugh. I tried the Apple Cinnamon flavour and it was not good. Gummy, tasteless and so much worse then Quaker.

Soda Crackers - The name brand is just SO much better. If you eat generic for awhile, you can kinda forget that, but once you buy a box of Premium brand, you notice the huge difference.

Oat O's (aka Cheerios) - G has not entirely expressed her dislike for generic Cheerios, but they're pretty bad. I hate buying cereal because of how overpriced it is, but I'd much rather just wait for a sale on brand name then get No Name.

(that is such a Canadian thing to say - that is to say, boxed Mac and Cheese)


  1. You're not alone on the KD. My mom tried a bunch of generic alternatives, which we unanimously hated and refused to eat. Sad but true: KD is better than something.

    As for instant oatmeal, I just put the rolled oats in the bowl with some water and microwave it. We've even had success with boiled water on plain oats, as long as you cover the bowl with a plate or something.

    I tried getting a bottle of "Basics" tomato sauce a couple weeks ago. 33p instead of £1.29 or more, it's worth a try, right? Oh god, it was horrible. NOT worth the savings. Meanwhile, "Basics" tomatoes continue to taste pretty much just like the regular ones.

  2. I used to do the microwave thing - but we don't have a microwave anymore! I mostly eat cream of wheat now, I like it better anyway.

  3. It only happens in England, but man, I'm craving KD now.