Thursday, March 3, 2011


Watching a kid grow up can be amazing in some ways. Take colouring for example. We moved here 6 months ago, and G was doing random scribbles. She pretty much ignored any pictures in the colouring book and had no shape at all to her drawings.

 Then, one day a couple months ago she drew a circle and Paul and I went "Hey! A circle!! Amazing."
Next thing you know, she drew this:

And we went: "She drew a person! It has a smile and everything!" In fact, we pulled this away and put it on the fridge before she could colour on it anymore and ruin it. 

Now, she's really drawing stuff. Stuff you can recognize! I took this video a couple days ago of her family portrait drawing.

I can now see why every parent thinks their child is gifted. Look at how fast they change! 


  1. OMG so cute!
    Gwen is now drawing lots of squiggly lines and excitedly exclaiming "Snake!!"

    I love watching them grow ^_^

  2. Wow, Mommy's got some knobbly knees... and not much neck... but it sure is amazing progress!

  3. OMG, OMG!! this is actually really, really good! she's got such a good control on the marker, and you can totally recognize her shapes!!!!

    she IS gifted!!! congrats!

  4. Totally cool. I think I still have a drawing from my 2-year-old cousin when she started drawing circles. She made huge big circles (much like a full-page scribble, but all circular) and then lots of tiny circles all over, and then she took a different marker and "coloured in" the little circles. I was SO PROUD of her!

  5. So cute... I want to just listen to her talk all day!

    And she is advanced in her drawing compared to Damien - so revel in her giftedness!

  6. Yep, definitely gifted! I love the video.