Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I love thanksgiving food. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie, stuffing...and did I mention the stuffing? 
So, this year, even though it is just the three of us, I decided it would be good for my mental health to have thanksgiving dinner anyway. We usually have some sort of big meal, but often it's been chicken, since a turkey is pretty big for two people, plus we've always seemed to get turkey from some other source (church, friends houses, etc). This year I knew there would be no turkey for me if I didn't make it myself! 
Anyway, not to go on and on about the food, I took all of Monday to cook. I made a schedule beforehand so I could relax between making things and I wouldn't get overwhelmed. 
It worked out really, really well. 
G was my little "helper" for a little while:
You also get a sense of my 32-week baby bump. Oh, you can't see it? Yeah. I have tiny babies. It was the same way with G. I just don't get big. I know it's actually a blessing and that lots of women would like to be in my shoes, but... dangit! Nobody realizes that I'm... pretty darn close to giving birth. No sympathy for me. 

But I digress. 
Thanksgiving was great. We went for three family walks in the brisk fall weather and stuffed ourselves full of yummy food. G is a big turkey fan. She ate more turkey then I did! We told her that Thanksgiving was a time to say thank-you to God as well as to the people we love and about halfway through the meal, she spontaneously said "Thank you Mommy for making the food." 

That makes everything worthwhile. 


  1. Hi Jan,

    It's good to see that you guys are doing well.
    I'm curious - how big was Ginny when she was born?
    I would like to have small babies!

  2. She was 6lbs 1oz, I only gained about 15lbs.

  3. Great to see boogaloo, Jan. :) I think you look fabulously pregnant - it even looks like your tummy is sticking out further than your boobs...that's got to count for something.
    We actually forgot about thanksgiving this year.

  4. awe!! i loved G's spurt of thankfullness....so sweet! Jen B Calgary