Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting used to the SAHM Thing

While Paul struggles a bit with the working dad thing, I'm trying my best at the Stay-at-home Mom thing. My sister gave me a fabulous book called A Mother's Rule of Life. It has been really inspirational to me in making a routine, putting God first and sorting out exactly what staying at home means to me.
I try to have a set routine in the day: Mornings we go out (either to a playgroup or gym, the library, the mall or to get groceries), afternoons are naptime (sometimes for me as well) and I try to get cleaning done. After naptime, I make supper and spend my evenings with Paul.
A key part of my day (and I admit I don't always do it) is right after G goes down for her nap. I make myself a cup of coffee or tea and sit and read the bible. I've been following the Daily Office in the Book of Alternative Services, which includes and Old Testament, a New Testament and a Gospel reading. If you do it every day for 2 years (maybe 3 years?), you'll read the entire bible.

One of the results of growing up in the church is that you get to adulthood feeling like you "know" the bible. I know all the stories, I know the books and what they're about, I even have chunks memorized, but I actually don't read it. I have really found myself rediscovering the Bible this past month. The readings are in order within a book, so I am currently reading a little bit of the book of Acts every day as my NT reading. It feels like every day ends on this cliffhanger! What's going to happen to Paul this time? Will he be able to escape the hundreds of people wanting to kill him? It's enough to make me go back and read what I missed if I forget to read every day. Sometimes I don't get much insight, and I admit that the minor prophets feel pretty "doom and gloom and lightning bolts", but much of the time, I see the text with new eyes, discovering not only insight, but humour!
The day is better when I take time to pause, relax and read, and it gives me just that little boost I need to keep  going. And it's not just the caffeine.


  1. I am in the minor prophets too, with the BCP. Indeed, they are monotonous.

  2. The BCP lectionary is a bit censored, but you do get the story! It's way better than many devotional books! I came to appreciate how the psalm reflects on the OT reading. I applaud your thoughtful approach to staying at home. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Glad to hear you have found some mom's groups and various activities to do with Ginny! That type of stuff kept me going when I was home full-time. I love the baby countdown on your blog! You have a little squash...hope you are feeling well. Janine :)

  4. So glad the book inspired you! I've strayed from my routine lately, and you've inspired me to get back on track. Thanks!
    (I know you know it will all change once baby comes along, but it can get back to normal in a couple months... I think around 3-4 months I finally had both kids on the same nap time & was able to get that little break again! --I also started including Damien with the cleaning in the morning, which helped me get a handle on that!)