Monday, April 30, 2012

In Which We Bring Our Children Up to Be Clones

I am aware that my children will likely have different interests then Paul and me. It is very possible that G or M could become interested in *gasp* sports. But for right now, we are happy to involve them in our interests and we enjoy the times when they imitate us.
Which brings me to this weekend.

When we lived in Manitoba, we went to Central Canada Comic Con a couple of times. When we moved here, we discovered Sci-Fi on the Rock, a Sci-Fi Convention here in St. John's. Since we are massive geeks, we went last year and again this year (and certainly will in the future). For the first day, G and Paul were Superman and M and I were Batman.
  (spot the Eleventh Doctor in the background!)

The kids were some of the youngest there and so got a fair amount of attention. It's fun to dress them up as things we like and be a big geeky family together.

Which brings me to the clone thing: it's not the costumes, it's her. G was at a "How to be a Ninja" panel for kids where they basically learned a few martial arts moves and were encouraged to keep active. The other kids there were about 6 to 10 years old, some of them dressed as Jedi.  At the end, the woman in charge had some prizes. One went to a boy, the other went to a girl, then one was up for everyone. She gave the first two away with some Star Wars trivia and the last, she asked: "What is Superman's real name?"
There was a long pause while the older kids seemed to be racking their brains. G kinda looked up at her for awhile and shouted out "CLARK KENT!"
She was so proud of herself. The prize was a (slightly age-inappropriate) toy bow and arrow set that she learned how to shoot when we got home.
It is truly our daughter who would love to answer a trivia question.