Monday, March 19, 2012

Still Here OR Adventures with Sand Rabbits

Yes, I am still here and yes, I still have a blog. It's hard to find balance in life. If I'm honest with myself I'm not all that busy, I just don't make time to write. I'd rather watch Downton Abbey or Walking Dead...

Since my last post about M climbing a rocking chair, she has become quite the explorer. It is amazing how different the two girls are in personality. G was never a climber. She was an early walker and content to let out her energy in other ways. M, however, would rather go vertical then horizontal. She is scaling the bookshelves and I find her in the middle of the kitchen table sometimes.  She's just starting to walk now, at 15 months. She'll do about five steps before reverting back to crawling around.

G is precocious as always, she's got a massive imagination and her world of imaginary friends continues to grow everyday. I think she'll be quite the creative person as she grows. Her latest thing is Sand Rabbits - an entire species that she has created. Occasionally, everyone in our family is transformed into Sand Rabbits with her, and we each have our own name: M is Sandy, G is Bouncy (because she likes to bounce, naturally), Paul is Squeeky and I am Nurgee (She has yet to explain exactly what "nurgee" means, but it's quite consistent). Sand Rabbits usually live in the desert, but sometimes travel to the North Pole and are the best animal in the world. Anytime we mention a characteristic of another animal, Sand Rabbits are better.
Us: "Monkeys like to climb trees"
G: "Sand Rabbits are climbers too! They climb ALL the trees."

Us: "Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago."
G: "Sand Rabbits lived then too"

Us: "Blue Whales are the biggest animal."
G:"Sand Rabbits are even bigger then Blue Whales."

The real best part about Sand Rabbits is their love of greens. G loves spinach leaves when they are presented as Sand Rabbit food. She'll eat a whole plate of baby spinach as a snack. Sand Rabbits are the best spinach-eaters.

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