Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What I could do

I could post pictures of Christmas. I could tell you about our time in Ontario, our kids reactions to Christmas and the traditions we're starting to form. I could tell you about our bad experience with Air Canada and of our good experience with the ROM.

But I can't right now. All of that will come, but right now I'm upset. Our car was stolen. Over Christmas, it was parked in our apartment parking lot and someone noticed (or didn't notice) that it wasn't being used and took it.
The positives are: It was found, it was relatively undamaged and it wasn't torched (as the thieves in this town seem to like to do). We only lost one carseat, since we had one with us.
The negatives are: It's going to cost us out-of-pocket money to fix it, because we have crappy insurance. G's carseat, our stroller and some other random stuff was chucked out of the car, so we have to replace those things. It's taking time to figure out how it's going to get fixed, so that's frustrating as well.

Last year at this time is when we got Carl the Car and it was so very freeing. We discovered when we moved here that the transit system was pretty bad, and then it went on strike. I had quite a bit of trouble getting to the grocery store with a newborn, so we got our car. It made life so much better, and it really facilitated making some friends.
So, it sucks. It sucks to feel trapped in my house again. Especially without a stroller. I can carry M on my back for only so long and G can only walk so far. I can't really even use a car until we get another carseat.

On the positive side, we have friends now. Within a day of finding it stolen, we had three offers of rides and I was able to go to the grocery store. This would not have happened a year ago. I am so grateful that we've made so many connections in the past year.

So, I'll post more things soon and talk about the past month. But for now, I'm working myself out of this no-car funk.

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