Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day (and an update of sorts)

I woke up on Sunday morning to whispering in the kitchen, then a wee girl appeared at my bedside smiling and handing me the lovely hand-drawn card above. "Happy Mother's Day!" she squealed.
We went off to church and then out to Swiss Chalet for lunch. G kept spontaneously wishing me a Happy Mother's Day all day. It was great.

Speaking of church, I have forgotten to mention on this blog that we officially have a church home. We've been attending Avalon Wesleyan  since the beginning of March, I've been going to a home group on Mondays and we've really been embraced by the church. It's a small church, so we were the first to attend with children - but that has all changed since we got there, as more families have joined the church (and one baby was born last week!).
We still attend an Anglican church on the occasional Saturday night as well.
We have been making friends and finally are feeling a bit more settled in St. John's. Paul finished up his courses for his PhD in April, so it's only comps and thesis work from here on out. He'll be teaching classes in the fall as well, but this summer is quite open to taking time off, which works out well, since we have family visiting all throughout the summer. We'll be able to get out and see some of this island we call home!


  1. Hi!

    We moved back to Newfoundland, from Ontario in November and have been on the hunt for a church too!... we've been a big mix of denominations.
    Thinking of trying out the wesleyan church on sunday... we feel old and under dressed at most churches we have been too here... we really miss our wonderful church in Brampton.

    feel free to give me an email at janesk8 at hotmail dot com, if you have any more info on the church, and your thoughts on it -- thanks!