Monday, April 25, 2011

Lobster Time

One of the things that excited me about moving out east is the possibility of cheap lobster. Well, yesterday we drove past a sign that said $5.99/lb. I knew that in the grocery store it had been anywhere from $9-12, so this was a deal! They were also selling seal flippers, but I passed (I'd like to try them someday, but I think I'd like someone else to cook them for me first). 

So we brought home 3 lobsters. Our first challenge was at the truck. Would we like males or females? Uhhh.... "We're not going to be breeding them..." says Paul. We were informed that the difference is the size and the possibility of roe inside the females. Alright, so with that decision done (we got 1 female and 2 males), we set to cook these suckers.

I tried not to be squeamish. I really wanted to be okay with dropping them in the pot. But man, it was harder then I thought. They MOVED around and kinda freaked out when they got close to the steam. I had to wear oven mitts to grab mine. And I only had the courage to do one. 

There is a video of the first lobster going in, but the amount of freaking out by both of us is an indignity I'm not quite willing to share. 

Paul went mittless for the other two.

Then, there they were. All red and cooked. Much happier (to us, not to them) , much easier to deal with.

Then came the trouble of eating them. The tails weren't too bad, but the claws were a tough crack. We don't own any of the tools of the trade, so we had to improvise with pliers and a hammer from our toolbox. By the end there were shells and bits of lobster everywhere. I can see why people wear bibs for this kind of thing.

They were tasty. 

And we decimated them.



  1. I've never had lobster. It's the one seafood I'm still vaguely interested in trying.

    I'm told if you pop them in the freezer first, they go into hibernation and don't freak out when you pop them in the water. No idea if it works, but maybe next time?

  2. We want the video! We want the video!! What an adventure - I know what to give you when we arrive in Nfld.

  3. I want the video too. I really, really, really do!
    I wouldn't do the freezer trick - changes the taste too. My recommendation: big pot, turn away when dropping in and cover immediately.
    As for tools - hammer is what most of us Newfies use - you're becoming one of us!