Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So, we finally have internet a week after moving here. I have many thoughts, some of which I've written out longhand and some of which are still ruminating in my head.

So, the story of our arrival: We left Winnipeg on Tuesday afternoon and flew for hours and hours, stopping for awhile in Toronto and then landing in St. John's at 11:30 (their time). We experienced very quickly the friendliness of Newfoundland when our cab driver chatted with us about the city and was excited we were moving there. Our first night was spent in a hotel, and then on Wednesday we finally arrived at our new apartment.
Our new place is slightly smaller then our old one, but very new and nice. Since there was a gap between the previous tenants and us, they repainted everything and cleaned really well. A fantastic change, since we've moved into places in the past that required much in the way of cleaning. It is nearby to the major mall, a grocery store and other good things.
G had a bit of a hard time adjusting. She was really craving her own place and stuff after staying at other people's houses. She has had more breakdown/temper tantrums then usual, but it seems like those are getting fewer as she settles in. With her own toys and her own bed, she has declared this as "G's house" many times.
On our way here, we tried to teach her where she lived by saying that we are moving to St. John's, Newfoundland.
On the plane, Paul quizzed her: Where are we moving?
G: St. John's!
Paul: And where is St. John's?
G: Superman!
Well... they do have the same number of syllables.

We managed to buy our beds right away as well as a comfy chair, a kitchen table and a dresser for G. More furniture is still yet to come, but now that we can get online, checking kijiji will be much easier!

Up next: The Familiar and the Unfamiliar.

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