Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How I made my Halloween Costumes part 4

Last one of the bunch!

Paul as Batman:

-Grey long underwear (shirt) - $8 (Walmart)
-Grey long underwear (pants) - $8 (Walmart)
-Black felt (Dollar Store) - $1
-Dracula cape (Dollar Store) - $2
-Black Balaclava (Dollar Store) - $1
-Black rubber gloves (Dollar Store) - $1
-Black foam (Dollar Store) $1
-Yellow felt (same as Batgirl)
-Yellow foam (same as Batgirl)
-Black legwarmers (Dollar Store) $1
-Black shorts (on hand)

I luckily had an action-figure model for this one, so I based my costume on him!

Grey long underwear made this costume so much easier, it's the perfect thing for a superhero costume.
For the "underpants", Paul just took a pair of black shorts he had and rolled them up on the inside so they were much shorter.

For the bat-symbol, I cut and sewed felt onto the shirt.
The belt was just a circle of yellow felt (done up with a safety pin...classy, I know), with a bunch of folded-over yellow foam hotglued onto it. I drew buttons on with a gold marker. In the middle is a yellow bat-symbol, also out of foam.

The gloves were tricky. At first I made separate gauntlets out of black foam, but they just would not stay done up or on properly, so I just ended up adding the foam fins directly onto the rubber gloves with hot-glue.
Original Gloves: Did not work.

Second try: Much easier

The cowl didn't have the eye-holes, so I sewed the area, then cut them out (to prevent the knit from coming out). I had to do some creative alterations to get them to match where Paul's eyes are, which was the most frustrating part of this whole project. I added an extra nose-piece by cutting a triangle out of felt and sewing it between the eye-holes. I did the ears in the same way as Batgirl, just sewing felt to the sides of the balaclava.

The cape was quite easy, I cut the red collar off of a black vinyl dracula cape and then cut the bottom to look like Batman's cape. I just used safety pins to attach it to the cowl.

The boots are just black legwarmers, worn with black dress shoes. My dollar store is in love with leg warmers, so they were easy to find!

That's it! Those are my four Superhero costumes. I really enjoyed making them. I hope that I can continue to have the time make Halloween costumes while my kids are little.

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  1. Thanks Jan! You've been thrifty and creative with your costumes this year. I've loved reading about it! :)