Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How I made my Halloween Costumes part 3

 Part 3 of my Halloween Costumes!

 M as Wonder Woman

-Blue Silk Pillowcase (Thrift Store) $1
-Red Shirt (Thrift Store)$2
-Yellow foam (same as Batgirl)
-Yellow Duct Tape (Dollar Store) $3
-White felt (Dollar Store) $1
-Red Tube Socks (other pair from Supergirl)
-Elastic, thread, etc (Walmart) $5

For M's Wonder Woman costume, the best thing I ever found was a blue silk pillowcase. I literally cheered when I saw it. 99c for the perfect colour and amount of fabric.
I made shorts for the very first time following this pattern, using the blue pillowcase.
I then cut out and glued white felt stars to the fabric. 

Her shirt was just a red shirt I found at the thrift store.
I cut the wonder woman symbol out of foam using a black marker for the accents and hot-glued it to the shirt
Please ignore the bite marks, that's what a toddler does to foam.

Her tiara is yellow foam with a red duct tape star.
The belt is yellow felt sewn directly onto the shirt.
For her "boots" I cut the top part off of the second pair of red tube socks and glued a strip of white felt to the front.
And lastly for the lasso of truth, I twisted yellow duct tape into a rope and attached it to the side of her belt.

Next up: Batman! 

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