Monday, May 7, 2012

The Questions

Mommy, what's the difference between a cheetah, a leopard and a jaguar?

Mommy, why do we have a Uvula?

Mommy, which My Little Pony do you think is the best?

Mommy, can you show me a picture of a jaguar?

What about a picture of a jaguar jumping?

I want a video of a jaguar jumping!

Mommy, can you please (actually, this is all one word - canyouplease) show me a video of a jaguar?

Mommy, can you be quiet?

Mommy, I'm hungry! Can I have crackers? A cookie? An easter chocolate? (no, you ate all those weeks ago).

Mommy, can I watch a video of a llama? What about an antelope?

Can I watch a video of an antelope eating a cantaloupe?

Sigh. Yes?
I love you.
I love you too, sweetie.

(An average 5 minutes of my day)

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