Thursday, May 3, 2012

Goodnight Moon: Babyproofed

I read the classic story Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown to M most nights before putting her to sleep. It's a fantastic, simple book that has stood the test of time and seems to do a great job of settling kids down.

After reading an article in some parenting magazine about babyproofing that took a room apart step by step, mentioning all the "your-child-is-going-to-die-from-everything" hazards in your house, I started noticing the things in the Goodnight Moon room that were somewhat...hazardous.

There was also a controversy several years ago when a new edition of this book came out that had photoshopped the cigarette out of Clement Hurd (the illustrator)'s hand in his picture on the back of the book.
I find it pretty funny that they felt the need to do that on a book that has a live mouse running around the kids room.

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