Friday, February 11, 2011

The Talking Stove

For Christmas, we got this great Little Tikes Kitchen from my mom and dad for G and M. It has everything. In fact, since it has 
-an iron
-a microwave
-a washer and dryer
-a dishwasher
it is much more well-equipped then our kitchen! 
It also takes 8 batteries. The washer and dryer go splish-splash and BUZZ, the phone makes (quite realistic) beeping phone sounds, the iron makes an iron-y hiss sound and the stove, well... the stove. It talks. 
We didn't realize when we first tried it out how many things the stove says. When we turned the knob, it seemed to only say "Hi, let's get cooking!" and "It's time to eat!" 
What we didn't realize is that it KNOWS things. What the voice says changes depending on what's on the element. We first noticed this when there was a pot on the stove and it started to make sizzle sounds. But it wasn't until this week when G put the toy food that came with the stove onto the element that we realized how complex this thing really is. Suddenly, the stove said "Ooh, a chocolate chip cookie!". 
So here's the problem with that. We have other things in our house, other toy food. Food that doesn't have the microchip or whatever it is that lets the stove know what to say. This can make G a wee bit upset. She talks back to the stove. 
Stove: "Hi! Let's get get cooking!" G: " Say plum! Say plum, Lady!" 
Stove: "Don't forget to clean up!" G: "No! I don't want to clean up!"
Stove: "Let's cook your favourite!" G: "That's not my favourite."
Then, the stove said "Woof! Woof! Oh no, the dog got in the groceries!" 
G really wanted the stove to say that again. "Say dog groceries! Say dog groceries!" But it wouldn't say it. 
So she tried to use logic on it:



  1. I am crying from laughing so hard. Kids rock.

  2. That's awesome. It makes perfect sense.

  3. This story is a real keeper. LOVE!

  4. What a great kitchen. I bet it keeps them occupied for hours.