Saturday, February 26, 2011

In Which I Try to Explain My Absence

So, I haven't been posting. Whoops. Who knew having two kids is hard?
Actually, if I'm going to be honest (which I try to do on this blog), I'm not doing the greatest. It's lonely out here. It sucks being so far away from friends and family. Many things are still really unfamiliar about St. John's and that can get me down.
Basically, I have my good days and my bad days.

The Bad: 

  • G's temper tantrums - at least one a day, sometimes as many as five a day. Living with a toddler feels like living with a bi-polar person whose mood changes every 10 minutes. They are taking their toll on both of us. I try take the advice of parenting books and articles, but I still feel like I'm doing everything wrong.
  • The potty training nightmare (I don't discuss poo online, cause I don't think people need to hear about that, and I want to give my child a bit of dignity, but let's just say - nothing is good about the stage we're in).
  • Even though my children sleep well, sometimes I don't.
  • Trying to find a church home we both can agree on (and trying to forget how amazing St. Margaret's was)
  • There are no sidewalks. They plow the roads onto the sidewalks to create 6 foot snowbanks instead. So, if I walk anywhere, I walk on the street. If I drive anywhere, I drive around the poor people that are walking on the street. 

The Good:

  • Getting out of the house every day to playgroups, Le Leche meetings, the drop-in gym, library storytime and shopping trips. 
  • Meeting other people at those places, and even better, meeting people repeatedly and building a solid bunch of acquaintances with potential for eventual friendships
  • It may be insanely windy and have crazy amounts of snow, but it is not -40 and I don't have to bundle my children in five thousand layers.
  • Paul decided to celebrate Valentine's Day*  by leaving love notes all over the apartment for me to find. I am still finding them. 
  • M is still an amazingly mellow baby. 
  • We managed to take G's soother away really easily and she hasn't asked for it since.**
  • When G isn't temper tantruming, she is hilarious. She makes up stories, songs and dances. And she's started asking hilarious questions like "What do aliens eat?" and "What does a crab say?" 
So, I can list more good then bad. I suppose that says something. 

*we never have, because it is a stupid non-holiday where flowers cost thrice as much and everything smells like yucky red cinnamon hearts.

**Soother Fairy - I may explain this in a later post. 


  1. I'm sorry things are hard. I'm sad I couldn't make it work to come for reading break, but hopefully this summer I can come for a bit and then it won't be stupid cold and snowy :) I hope things get easier soon with friends and a good church. Praying for you!
    <3 ya!

  2. I'm sorry it's hard. I wish I could help more.

  3. oh Jan! the ups and downs of 2! Mine is only a week old, but I can totally understand you! Mederick was ultra-whinny and is only starting to settle. Maverick is a great baby, but still, being up every 3-4 hours does get you down at some point.

    and on a weird end note, we got Mederick going back on the potty regularly since he had diarrhea... I know sounds gross, but I tell myself way better in the potty then in a pull up.... don't despair, there can always be something good out of a shitty situation ;-)

  4. HI Jan,
    Thanks for your honesty - It takes courage to share the tough stuff.

    I so wish we could come out and visit with you. It really was great hanging out over the Christmas break!
    Do you like talking on the phone? We could definitely call more! :)
    Any summer plans that you can dream about on those tough days?
    And what is it anyways with the Moffett boys and their church difficulties?! James and I aren't agreeing on this topic these days either!