Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Year on The Rock

So, as of a month ago, we have lived in this wacky island province for a full year. It's hard to believe, but, looking at how much my kids have changed (namely that there are kids instead of kid), it kinda makes sense.

What I have learned this year in Newfoundland:

-it's not a hair barrette, it's a buckle
-the snaps on your shirt are called hapses
-the porch on your house may or may not be called a bridge
-You don't Honk or Beep your horn, you Barmp.
-Pepsi, not Coke
-As someone who doesn't come from Newfoundland, I am a CFA (Come From Away)
-As someone who lives in St. John's, I'm a townie. Everywhere else in Newfoundland is "Around the Bay", and the people from there are called Baymen, regardless of gender.
-I cannot get away with adding b'y to the end of my sentences yet (and I probably never will, since I'm a CFA)
-Jiggs Dinner is delicious, but unhealthy, because of the insane amount of salt
-Quidi Vidi Beer (pronounced Kitty Vitty) is the best beer I've ever had and has turned me into a beer drinker
-Everyone calls you "my love" "my darling" and "my son"(if you're male), even if they've just met you
-The appropriate thing to say about a cute child is "God love 'em." and "She's some sweet"
-Speaking of which, "some" means "very" (eg. It's some windy! It's some hot!")
-What you eat on your fries is dressing (like what you'd stuff a turkey with) and gravy. And it is delicious.

Things I've done in the past year include:
-Whale sightings (both from a boat and from shore)
-Puffin sightings
-Scooping up caplin from the beach - an amazing experience
-Driving up Signal Hill approximately 6,000 times (and never getting sick of it)
-Spending at least 20 afternoons lounging on the rocky Middle Cove beach (and really never getting sick of it)
-One great trip off the Avalon to see the beauty of Terra Nova National Park
-Eating lots of fish and seafood, including several lobsters

In the future, I hope to do more of the same, and see an iceberg and a moose.

It has been an interesting year.


  1. Jan: Kristen and I have enjoyed reading about your Moving Tale so much. We are thinking of you Townies over here in Nepal!

  2. Hi there... I stumbled upon your blog this evening I got here through another blog then through Canadian Mom's then through another blog to NL Dads and finally I got here... It was a long journey.... hehe I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing how your lovely family have adapted to the NL life style! I also very much loved your lists in this post... gave me a little giggle!
    Either way I'm glad that I found you and glad to read more blogs not only Canadian but NL based!
    Looking forward to reading more!