Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Fox and the Raccoon: a 2 year old's story

G tells stories and asks for stories constantly. I recorded one for posterity a little while ago, and her storytelling has improved in the past seven months. So here is a story she told me this afternoon.

Once upon a time...
there was a little little little fox who lived in the middle of the tree:
And he said: "Why can't we eat crench?"

"No, No, NO" said the raccoon.

"But I want to" said the fox

"No no no, it's crumply" said the raccoon.

"We are going to get crench" said the fox "we are going to the woods"

"But I thought If we go to the woods, we must get ready to go"
said the raccoon

"But we must stay sitting next to the tree" said the fox

"French?" said the fox "Crench!"

"I don't know" said the raccoon " I don't eat any"

"Crench is not food!" Said the fox

"We should go to the city" said the raccoon

"No, we should just stay home" said the fox

"Yesterday" said the fox " We should just go yesterday"

Then the fox said nothing.
Then the world was back. The end.


  1. Sounds like Joyce to me. Also, are you sure you don't mean posterity? Prosperity would be awesome though.

  2. It always said posterity. I don't know what you're talking about.