Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little House & Cornbread

We started reading chapters books to G recently. I love how kids can love all levels of books at the same time. She's entertained by the simplest board books (like the ones with a colour per page), loves to look at picture books and can sit still enough to hear about a chapter out of a bigger book.

Our first chapter-a-night book has been Little House on the Prairie. It has just enough pictures to keep her entertained. G can get a little restless, but I'm often surprised at how she'll parrot back what she's heard in the story. She loves the horses - Pet and Patty and often asks for pictures of them.
It's also given her her first nightmare, though! There's a scene with wolves and she got a little upset and a bit obsessed with wolves. We had to tell her "there are no wolves in Newfoundland" and she has repeated that mantra a few times.
I found myself feeling emotional with the descriptions of the wide prairie. I used to be able to leave the city and find myself on that prairie, with it's wide open skies. There are some that can't see the beauty in the prairie, but I always will. Newfoundland has spectacular views, but I do miss those rolling fields of wheat and canola, and the gorgeous sky.
I have always loved the way food plays a role in those books, especially the simplicity of the food. So, when I spotted The Little House Cookbook at the thrift store the other day, I grabbed it immediately.
G and I got very excited about making food from the book.

So we decided to make the very simplest cornbread recipe.

It was just fat, cornmeal, salt and water. And it turned out fairly well, though hard to get off the pan. G was a fan, I preferred mine with a bit of maple syrup. 


  1. I wholeheartedly approve of eating book food.

  2. Wolves in books gave me nightmares as a kid too. Maybe they still would...