Monday, March 28, 2011

Snow Day/Beach Day

We woke up on Friday morning and it looked like this outside:
Snow day
Not pictured: whiteouts and 100km winds

MUN was closed, and the city pretty much shut down, so we were all stuck at home. Paul had a paper due, but the deadline had changed to midnight, so he was free to spend the day with his family!

So, we did something I've been wanting to do for awhile. Beach day! We set up the living room with a tan blanket for sand, and a blue tarp for water...
Mom and the girls
added a couple of umbrellas, a bucket and some egg carton cups for shells.

 Beach Day
A dolphin even stopped by to say hello!
We had a fantastic time, all dressed in our beach clothes. M got to wear her bathing suit for the very first time.
We had a picnic lunch on the floor, listened to the Beach Boys and generally just had a great day.
M on the Beach
In the evening, G went fishing. We cut up some cardboard fish and I made a fishing rod out of a pen, string and paperclip. She tossed her line over the couch cushion and I put a little fish on it to go in her bucket.
Snow days can be pretty awesome. 


  1. We feel so embarrassed at having spent time on the beach in 3 countries in the last 2 months . . . we could have stayed home and spread out a blanket. Maybe next time.

  2. Looks like such fun!!!

  3. All of you are amazing. Jan, your writing and photos (internet is too slow for videos over here) have helped me to tag along with the family's ups and downs of moving to and resettling on The Rock. We think about you four often. With much love, j,k.
    And save yourself the agony of NN Ketchup: Heinz, there's no other kinds!